In education on December 7, 2009 at 5:31 pm

The Public Thinktank is a weekly radio show all about education.


The Public Thinktank is a forum for conversation.  What we’re talking about:

  • the diverse meanings of education for individual lives and in our American society
  • triumphs and challenges in all areas of education
  • how media educate us throughout our lives


See People and Ideas to learn how to get involved with the show.


The Public Thinktank is the brainchild of Leigh Anne Keichline.  Way back in 1999, Leigh Anne hosted an interview show on Oberlin College’s WOBC, and she has long been an avid fan of radio.  She launched The Public Thinktank in the fall of 2008 in an effort to create a space in radio dedicated solely to the rich topic of education.  PTT aired on Brooklyn College Radio for three semesters.

Since her high school days in the early ’90s, Leigh Anne has worked and volunteered with a wide range of populations, from preschool to adult education, in both public and private schools as well as in other educational settings, in Ohio, New York City, Baltimore, Boston, and Connecticut.  She holds a Masters in Political Science from Brooklyn College and is currently working on a Masters in Elementary Education and Literacy at Bank Street School of Education.  She is interested in questions of education and democracy.


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