Dec. 1, 2009: Healthy Media Choices. Documenting the Witchi.

In education on November 16, 2009 at 4:19 pm

mp3:  Listen to this show.

On the first part of today’s show, we’ll talk with Mary Rothschild of Healthy Media Choices.  Healthy Media Choices is an organization that helps parents, caregivers and teachers of young children use their own insights to come to terms with media influence.  Visit their website at healthymediachoices.org.

On the second part of the show, we’ll listen to an interview with Andrew Buckland and his wife, Maria Azkue.  Buckland talks about his documentary project on the Witchi, a native people in Argentina.  We discussed the impact a state school is having on the new generation, and a documentary’s responsibility to shed light on its subject.  Our conversation ends with what Buckland and Azkue learned during their time with the Witchi.

To hear Azkue’s interview about education in Argentina,  listen to our Nov. 10 show.

Choices for parents in a fast-paced media world… and a slower pace of life with the Witchi… coming up.

Resources from our conversation with Mary Rothschild:

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

Center on Media and Child Health

National Institute on Media and the Family

Consuming Kids, a free screening with the Brooklyn Public Library on January 16, and in other national locations


Music in today’s show by Paul Brill and Evil Art Form.




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