November 17, 2009: American Views with Negin Farsad. Peter Bufano: Before Clown College.

In education on November 2, 2009 at 4:16 pm
On the first part of today’s show, we’ll have a live interview with Negin Farsad.  Farsad is a comedian and filmmaker living in New York City.  She discusses with us her studies in government, public policy, and theater… and how extracurricular activities in comedy eventually led her to take the profession seriously.  This is part of our American Views Series.
You can check out one of Farsad’s latest projects at nerdcorerising.com.

On the second half of the show, we’ll walk down memory lane with Peter Bufano, as he reflects on his education leading up to Clown College.  After attending Clown College, Bufano went on to work and travel with many circuses, including Ringling Brothers, Big Apple Circus, Bindlestiffs, and Circus Smirkus — primarily as a circus musician.  Bufano’s music can be heard at cirkestra.com and at peterbufano.com.

Ttragedy and comedy in education… coming up.

Music for today’s show by Paul Brill, Cirkestra, and Evil Art Form.

The World Views and American Views Series
Our World Views series features interviews with individuals who have been educated primarily abroad.  Most participants in the World Views Series have now moved to the U.S., where they are teaching, studying, working, or parenting.  They share with us their reflections on the widely varying experiences and schools they have encountered.  In our American Views Series, we dive into the experiences of individuals educated primarily in the United States.

Each unique educational biography is meant to provide a prism into the many meanings of education and how it shapes us as individuals.  These conversations are not meant to be sources of authoritative information on educational systems or statistics.

We invite you to respond to the interviews you hear by writing to us at bcthinktank@gmail.com.  If you or someone you know would be a good interviewee for either the American or World Views series, please contact us.


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