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On the show: Tuesday, Dec. 8

In education on November 30, 2009 at 8:44 pm

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For our final show of the semester, we’ll feature young voices.

EricaSollazzo shares with us her story of how one teacher broadened her horizons and taught her to love literature.  Sollazzo’s essay is this year’s Red Brick Voices Contest winner.  Red Brick Voices is The Public Thinktank’s national competition for K-12 students to share insights from their school experiences.  Sollazzo is a senior at Poly Prep Country Day School.

GabrielWelch, AnthonyChapman, and ReckoFloyd discuss their documentary on the phase-out at their Brooklyn public high school.  The phase-out was a process in which the struggling school’s classes and resources were shuffled around or eliminated.  As the boys told me, the families of the school were not adequately informed about the process, and it was difficult for many students.  The documentary they made with Global Kids provided a chance for them to capture this story, and to share it eventually with lawmakers.

Global Kids is an organization that works with urban youth to educate and inspire them to become successful students and global citizens.  To learn more, visit their website at globalkids.org.

Finally, we’ll listen to interviews with AnthonyColon, founder of Kids of New York, and with Carlos Melendez and Christian Kronsted, two of the young men who won in Kids of New York’s breakdancing competition last spring.  We end with judge Peaches Rodriguez, who tells us what it was like to be one of the first girl breakdancers back in the day.  To find out more, check out kidsofnewyork.org.  (This piece was edited by PT contributor Alexis Callender.)

What the kids are talking about…. coming up.


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In education on November 23, 2009 at 3:12 pm

The show is currently on hiatus, but you can listen to mp3s of past shows below.


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Dec. 1. Healthy Media Choices.  Documenting the Witchi.

Nov. 24.  Fun with recycling.  Music for disabled students.  A Teaching Fellow.

Nov. 17.  Tragedy and comedy in education.

Nov. 10.  Libraries 2.0.  Education in Argentina.

Nov. 3.  Girls in Engineering, Math and Science.  New York City Parents blogging.

Oct. 27  Gay youth.  Education in France.  Computer games on civics.

Oct. 20.  Fortune cookies, ugly vegetables, mountains and moons.  Memoirs of a Jewminicana.

Oct. 13. The Hero Project.  Advocating for deaf students of color.  Saving BC’s community garden.

Oct. 6. Home-schooling for a missionary family in Guinea.  How God Changes Your Brain.

Sept. 22. Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom.

Sept. 15. University of Houston student organizer.  Brooklyn College voices on the new school year.

Sept. 8. Fall ’09 preview show.

May 12. Women, welfare, and access to higher education.  Ask a Magnet Yenta about LA schools.

April 28. Student walk-out against CUNY tuition hikes.  Documentaries as education; docu on Jewish music.

April 21. Edible gardens and nutrition in schools.  Environmental ed.

April 7. Campus Progress and the Center for American Progress.

March 31. American Views on home schooling.  Education after retirement.

March 24. Three women educators.

March 17. Panel discussion on Obama’s education speech.

March 10. Teaching South Park.  Sol Study Abroad.

March 3. Teaching educators.  Malaysian education.

Februrary 24. Drama and arts education in schools, interviews with cast and crew of a BC production.  Perceptions of Obama around the world.

February 17. The Duke lacrosse team rape case.  The Shirley Chisholm Project.

February 3. Art education.  Education in Laos.

December 9. Performance and Interactive Media Arts program at BC.

November 25. Studying abroad in China.

November 18. Education in Trinidad.  A veteran and a student.

November 11. College radio.

November 4. Panel discussion on election day.

October 28. Education in Japan.  Studies in Religion.

October 21. American Views.  Storycorps.

October 14. Nerd Nite.  Mayoral Control 101.

October 7. Education in Germany.


Bonus audio not played on show.  Click below for mp3s.

Clio In the Classroom:  A Guide for Teaching U.S. Women’s History. Audio of BC event for book launch.


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Dec. 1, 2009: Healthy Media Choices. Documenting the Witchi.

In education on November 16, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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On the first part of today’s show, we’ll talk with Mary Rothschild of Healthy Media Choices.  Healthy Media Choices is an organization that helps parents, caregivers and teachers of young children use their own insights to come to terms with media influence.  Visit their website at healthymediachoices.org.

On the second part of the show, we’ll listen to an interview with Andrew Buckland and his wife, Maria Azkue.  Buckland talks about his documentary project on the Witchi, a native people in Argentina.  We discussed the impact a state school is having on the new generation, and a documentary’s responsibility to shed light on its subject.  Our conversation ends with what Buckland and Azkue learned during their time with the Witchi.

To hear Azkue’s interview about education in Argentina,  listen to our Nov. 10 show.

Choices for parents in a fast-paced media world… and a slower pace of life with the Witchi… coming up.

Resources from our conversation with Mary Rothschild:

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

Center on Media and Child Health

National Institute on Media and the Family

Consuming Kids, a free screening with the Brooklyn Public Library on January 16, and in other national locations


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Nov. 24, 2009: Anna Alter. EnoB. Teaching Fellow Robert Pottinger.

In education on November 9, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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On the first part of today’s show, we’ll talk with children’s author and illustrator Anna Alter.  Alter’s newest book,What Can You Do With An Old Red Shoe?, is a fun romp through creative recycling activites.  We chat about her books and she’ll have some recycling ideas for us — using old shoes and shower curtains and more.  You can visit Alter’s website at annaalter.com.

On the second part of the show, we’ll listen to a piece by contributor Taeyeon Kim.  Kim interviews April Lee of EnoB, a music and arts program for disabled students in New York City’s Korean-American community.  Visit their website at www.enob.org.

Finally, we’ll have a live conversation with Robert Pottinger.  After working in the banking industry for over 15 years, Pottinger decided to change course and become a teacher.  He’s now in his second year of teaching middle school math as a New York City Teaching Fellow.   You can learn more about the New York City Teaching Fellows at www.nycteachingfellows.org.

Our Thanksgiving cornucopia of goodies for you… coming up.


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November 17, 2009: American Views with Negin Farsad. Peter Bufano: Before Clown College.

In education on November 2, 2009 at 4:16 pm
On the first part of today’s show, we’ll have a live interview with Negin Farsad.  Farsad is a comedian and filmmaker living in New York City.  She discusses with us her studies in government, public policy, and theater… and how extracurricular activities in comedy eventually led her to take the profession seriously.  This is part of our American Views Series.
You can check out one of Farsad’s latest projects at nerdcorerising.com.

On the second half of the show, we’ll walk down memory lane with Peter Bufano, as he reflects on his education leading up to Clown College.  After attending Clown College, Bufano went on to work and travel with many circuses, including Ringling Brothers, Big Apple Circus, Bindlestiffs, and Circus Smirkus — primarily as a circus musician.  Bufano’s music can be heard at cirkestra.com and at peterbufano.com.

Ttragedy and comedy in education… coming up.

Music for today’s show by Paul Brill, Cirkestra, and Evil Art Form.

The World Views and American Views Series
Our World Views series features interviews with individuals who have been educated primarily abroad.  Most participants in the World Views Series have now moved to the U.S., where they are teaching, studying, working, or parenting.  They share with us their reflections on the widely varying experiences and schools they have encountered.  In our American Views Series, we dive into the experiences of individuals educated primarily in the United States.

Each unique educational biography is meant to provide a prism into the many meanings of education and how it shapes us as individuals.  These conversations are not meant to be sources of authoritative information on educational systems or statistics.

We invite you to respond to the interviews you hear by writing to us at bcthinktank@gmail.com.  If you or someone you know would be a good interviewee for either the American or World Views series, please contact us.