Oct. 6, 2009: Home-schooling with a missionary family in Guinea. How God Changes Your Brain.

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mp3:  Click here to listen to this show.

On the first part of our show, we’ll talk with Wynell LeCroy, a retired teacher living in Abilene, Texas.  This spring, at age 71, Mrs. LeCroy flew for the first time to Guinea, and spent three months organizing a home-schooling program for a missionary family with four children, including a toddler with Down Syndrome.

Next, we’ll talk with Dr. Mark Waldman, who co-authored How God Changes Your Brain with neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg.  What should students know about meditation?  How do children think about God?  No matter what your religious beliefs might be, there are benefits — and caveats — to religious contemplation and spiritual meditation.

For more information on Dr. Waldman and How God Changes Your Brain, visit markrobertwaldman.com.

Tune in this Tuesday for a little wisdom from our elders… and religion and our brains… coming up.


Music for this show by Paul Brill, Cirkestra, Frustrator, and Evil Art Form.


  1. Leigh Anne was my English tutor in 2007 and 2008, She is one of very few people in this world who are very friendly and very helpful and caring, I would sum up by saying “Im very luck to get a chance to know her” She is AWESOME “

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