Sept. 22, 2009: Emily Goodstein from Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom

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mp3:  Click here to listen to this show.

On the first part of the show, we’ll be joined by Emily Goodstein, director of Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom. SYRF is a national organization that educates, organizes and empowers youth and young adults to put their faith into action and advocate for pro-choice social justice.  Visit their website at syrf.org.

Next, we’ll talk with Dr. Mark Waldman, who co-authored How God Changes Your Brain with neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg.  No matter what your religious beliefs might be, there are benefits — and caveats — to religious contemplation and spiritual meditation.

Religion, youth, politics, and neuroscience… coming up.


Our interview with Dr. Waldman had to be rescheduled due to a communication problem in Malibu.  Yes, even Malibu has its imperfections!  Tune in for that interview with Dr. Waldman on October 6.


Music on today’s show by Paul Brill, Doofgoblin, Dream Animals, Cirkestra, and Evil Art Form.



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