Sept. 15, 2009: Student organizer Brendan Laws. Brooklyn College students new school year voices.

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On the first half of the show, we’ll have a live phone interview with University of Houston student organizer Brendan Laws.  Brendan has played an active role in campus organizations fighting for fair trade and opposing sweatshops, often with the support of only a handful of students.  Through determination and creativity, these groups drew support from the surrounding community, and succeeded in standing up to powerful corporations.

We’ll also hear from a sampling of students lounging on the Brooklyn College lawn.  What teachers have made a difference to them?  What are they looking ahead to this year?

Student voices from Brooklyn to Houston… coming up.

Resources from the conversation with Brendan:

Students Against Sweatshops National Website

University of Houston Students Against Sweatshops

University of Houston Students for Fair Trade

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

The Student Farmworker Alliance


Music on this show by Paul Brill, Cirkestra and Evil Art Form




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