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March 17, 2009: Panel discussion on Obama’s March 10 address on education

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On this Tuesday’s show we’ll be discussing Obama’s March 10 address on education to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. A live panel of professors and retired teachers from New York City public schools will weigh in on the future of national policies, and on local realities.

K.C. Johnson, professor of U.S. History

Brian Dunphy, adjunct lecturer of TV and Radio

Norman Scott, retired teacher of 35 years in the New York City public schools

Norman Scott blogs about education at ednotesonline.blogspot.com.

Podcast of this show is unavailable.


March 10, 2009: Teaching South Park with Prof. Brian Dunphy. Spanish language study abroad with Sol Education.

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Teaching South Park

Prof. Brian Dunphy is adjunct professor of TV and Radio at Brooklyn College.  His newest course, South Park and Political Correctness, examines the cartoon show that’s afraid to offend no one.  We discuss how much of mainstream media needs to be challenged, which shows are rising to the task, and what it all means in classrooms today.

Prof. Dunphy’s class has been featured in other stories, including one on NPR.  Check out a link to the NPR story here, along with a link to Prof. Dunphy’s syllabus.

Studying Spanish with Sol Education Abroad

In 2005, two friends became entrepreneurs when they saw the need for study abroad programs specializing in small group attention in Spanish-speaking countries. Four years later, Brent Hunter and Esteban Lardone’s Sol Education Abroad offers study abroad programs in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina.

For more information, visit Sol Education Abroad’s website here.

March 3, 2009: Prof. Florence on teaching education. World Views: Malaysian education.

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Teaching Education with Prof. Namulundah Florence

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

Prof. Namulundah Florence is an assistant professor of education at Brooklyn College.  Prof. Florence was educated in Kenya, and went on to study and teach in England and in the U.S.  We sat down this past fall for a conversation about the profession of education, and how our culture and media affect the classroom.  We reflect on the writings of educator and prolific writer bell hooks and on Prof. Florence’s writings, and discuss what it’s like to be a teacher to adults.

World Views on Malaysia with Keng Han Tan

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

Keng Han Tan now works as a Graphic Designer in New York City.  He was born and raised in Malaysia, where he attended Chinese private schools.  As part of our World Views series, he shares with us his personal reflections on schooling in Malaysia, and how his perspectives changed when he came to do his Masters in the U.S.

The World Views and American Views Series

Our World Views series features interviews with individuals who have been educated primarily abroad — a complement to our American Views series.  Most participants in the World Views series have now moved to the U.S., and share with us their reflections on the widely varying experiences and schools they have encountered.

Each unique educational biography is meant to provide a prism through which we can gain insight into the many meanings of education and how it shapes us as individuals.  These conversations are not meant to be sources of authoritative information on educational systems or statistics.

We invite you to respond to the interviews you hear by writing to us at bcthinktank@gmail.com.  If you or someone you know would be a good interviewee for either the American or World Views series, please contact us.

February 24, 2009: The House of Bernarda Alba. International perspectives on Obama, with British journalist Gary Younge.

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The House of Bernarda Alba

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

Brooklyn College’s production of Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba will play February 26 through March 1. We talk with the cast, director, and dramaturg of the production. We discuss the unique use of puppetry in the production, what the students learned from the process, and the importance of drama and the arts in education.

A Beacon in Black

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

Gary Younge is a British journalist who writes for both The Guardian and The Nation, and is currently the Belle Zellner Visiting Professor of Public Policy at Brooklyn College. On Wednesday, Younge will present a talk about international perceptions of Barack Obama’s victory, in a lecture hosted by The Wolfe Institute. Younge shares with us his own perspectives as a Briton, and what Americans can learn about the world’s perspectives and about ourselves through Obama’s election.

Gary Younge’s page at The Nation.

EXTRA AUDIO.  MP3:  Click here for audio of Mr. Younge’s Wolfe Institute speech, A Beacon in Black.