February 17, 2009: K.C. Johnson on the Duke lacrosse team rape case. Barbara Winslow and the Shirley Chisholm Project.

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Prof. K.C. Johnson

Click HERE to listen to this interview (with the beginning cut off).

K.C. Johnson is a professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center.  His accolades include the Fulbright Distinguished Chair for the Humanities at Tel Aviv University in 2007-08.  In 2007, he co-wrote Until Proven Innocent, a critique of the handling of the Duke lacrosse team rape case.  He maintains a blog about the subject called Durham-in-Wonderland.  In a live conversation in the studio, we discuss critical thinking with Prof. Johnson — how we learn it and teach it.  We also discuss his work examining the Duke lacrosse case.

To read Prof. Johnson’s blog on the case, click HERE.

The Shirley Chisholm Project: a conversation with Barbara Winslow, Coordinator of Brooklyn College’s Women’s Studies Program and Director of the Shirley Chisholm Project

Click HERE to listen to this interview.

In 1968, Shirley Chisholm became the first African-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress.  In 1972, she ran a historic campaign as the first African-American to run for a major-party nomination for the president of the United States, and the first woman to run for the nomination in the Democratic party.  In a conversation with Prof. Barbara Winslow, we discuss Chisholm’s story, Winslow’s own reflections, Shola Lynch’s film Chisholm ’72: Unbought and Unbossed, and why we need to be educated about leaders like Chisholm.

To learn more about the Shirely Chisholm Project, click HERE.

To learn more about Brookyn College’s Women’s Studies Program, click HERE.

Extra mp3:  Listen here to audio of a discussion of Clio in the Classroom:  A Guide for Teaching U.S. Women’s History in the Classroom, which Barbara Winslow co-edited with Carol Berkin and Margaret S. Crocco.  From the Brooklyn College event for the launching of the book.


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